pocd-PicPlan of Conservation and Development(“POCD”)

The Planning Commission,also responsible for developing the Town’s Plan of Conservation and Development, is required to update this plan every ten years pursuant to Section 8-26 of the Connecticut General Statutes (“CGS”).

The Plan of Conservation and Development provides a framework for guiding growth to maintain and improve East Lyme in ways its citizens find desirable. Once adopted, recommendations from the Plan are forwarded to various boards and commissions for implementation. In addition, all proposed changes to the Zoning Regulation and districts, as well as municipal improvements, are reviewed for consistency with the Plan of Conservation and Development. While the recommendation of the Planning Commission on these matters is advisory, basing decision for the Town’s future in a comprehensive plan increases the likelihood of retaining qualities that make the Town special or attaining desired goals.

Plan of Conservation and Development 2012 Updates

The Planning Commission, with assitance from the University of Connecticut’s (“Uconn”) Community Research and Design Collaborative (“CRDC”) updated the Town’s Plan of Conservation and Development. This vital document serves as a guidance document, which sets forth a long-range vision for the community and recommendations with respect to future land use policies.

Uconn’s CRDC conducted a comprehensive town-wide land use study of East Lyme called a Lands of Unique Value (“LUV”) Study between the Fall of 2008 and the Spring of 2009. The LUV Study is designed to inventory and analyze all existing town features (natural and cultural) and provide guidance in determining the most logical and reasonable locations for future land uses within the Town in an effort to balance conservation, preservation, and development.The LUV Study supportedthe Town’s effort in updating the Plan of Conservation and Develoment in 2009 andcontinues to support the Town’s effort with additional updates in 2012 and into the future.

Upon completion, the Plan of Conservation and Development will include important demographic, social, and economic, information, which in turn will allow the Town to better identify and forecast future community needs and services. Other topics, including zoning, preservation of community character, and the acquisition of open space will be addressed in detail. The Plan of Conservation and Development is a comprehensive document, not only utilized by boththe Planning and Zoning Commissions, but also other Town Boards and Commissions as well as Town-elected leaders and municipal officials.

Interactive version of the 2009 POCD
2009 Plan of Conservation and Development
The interactive version of the POCD includes reference to the town’s GIS system. Microsoft Silverlight software is used by the GIS system which requires a Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Safari browser in order to work properly.

To download a copy of the 2009 Plan of Conservation and Development, click the attachment below.