Call the hot line to learn the which conditionally approved areas are open or closed.
Niantic Bay Scallop

Shellfishing Regulations

See the downloadable Shellfishing Regulations document below.

No Refund of Permit Fees

The purchaser of a clamming permit takes the risk of limited access to the open clamming areas. Under prolonged bad weather the clamming areas are closed. The Commission will not refund any permit fees for any reason.

Seasonal Open and Closed Areas

Niantic River Shellfish Area Classification Map (Updated 07/02/2020)
The conditionally approved areas open and close for shell fishing dependent upon the season and/or rainfall. Areas “A” and “E” are conditionally approved on a year round basis. Events requiring closure are described below. Areas “B” and “F” are closed seasonally between May 1-November 15. Click on the map on the left to show the locations.

Events Requiring Closure of the Conditional Area

A one 1/2 inch rainfall in a 24 hour period will result in the closure of a conditional area for a minimum of 7 days. The Commission will take water samples after 5 days and announce the opening or continued closure of the area. Closures may also take place for sewage or chemical effluent release or other public health reasons. Check out phone info line or the signal disks for the current status.

Methods of Public Notice

The commission will advise the public of area opening or closures by the following methods:
1. Calling the Shellfish Hot Line 860-444-5812 will advise the status.
2. Status signal disks located at the state boat launch on Rope Ferry Road in Waterford for both Area “A” and Area “B” and at the Hole in the Wall Beach for area ”E” and Crescent Beach for area “F”. Disks are displayed with red signaling closed and white open.

Clamming Permit Required

All shellfishing is by permit only. Permits are available from most local bait and tackle shops and the Waterford and East Lyme Town Clerk’s Offices. Penalties are severe for violation of these or any other shellfish regulations (see permit for penalties). Read the Regulations on your permit and this the Shellfish Regulations document.

Clamming Permit Fees
Daily – Resident $10
Daily – Non-resident $15
Seasonal – Resident $50
Seasonal – Non-resident $75
Seniors – Seasonal Resident $25
Seniors – Seasonal Non-Resident $35

Permit Sale Locations

Waterford and East Lyme Town Clerk’s Office
Mackey’s Bait & Tackle Shop, East Lyme
J & B Tackle Company, Niantic

Children under 12 accompanied by a permit holder may help gather shellfish.
Total Shellfish taken not to exceed single permit limit.
Senior age qualification – 65 years
Resident is inhabitant in Towns of Waterford and East Lyme with Photo ID.

Map of Areas “A”, “B”, “E” and “F”

See above for a map of Niantic Bay & River reflecting the conditional approved areas “A”, “B”, “E” and “F”.


Scalloping is covered by other regulations and permits. See the scalloping document below.

Regulatory Commissions