The East Lyme Town Hall is currently CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC.  Employees are working normal business hours.  We are open by appointment only when necessary.  Visitors must wear a mask and be escorted through the building by Staff.

Contact Information:  (860) 691-4114, William Mulholland, Zoning Official, Administrative Assistant, Administrative Assistant

In an effort to continue processing Zoning applications, Special Permits, Site Plan Approvals, and general Commission business, along with allowing projects to continue we will implement the following process:

  • ALL APPLICATIONS:  In addition to the 11-sets of hard copies, the application must be submitted electronically in its entirety as PDF document(s) attached to an e-mail.
  • ADMINISTRATIVE APPLICATIONS: Should be submitted both in hard copy and electronic format.
  • APPLICATIONS REQUIRING COMMISSION REVIEW: Both hard copies and the electronic copies will be disseminated for staff review. Currently Agency meetings are occurring via Zoom virtual hosting. Therefore we continue to require both hard copy and electronic copies of applications.
  • ENFORCEMENT ACTIONS: Will continue as needed.
  • SITE INSPECTIONS: Will continue on an as needed basis. Requests for site inspections or on-site meetings please send to:
  • GENERAL OFFICE MEETINGS: May be conducted in the office with proper safety measures, or over the internet via Facetime, Zoom, GotoMeeting, etc…as needed.
  • PHONE CALLS: Please avoid leaving messages on office voicemail as messages will not be retrieved on a timely basis. E-mail is the suggested method of communication short of an emergency situation.


Meeting Information