Government/Education Channels

Government/Education channels show live meetings, recorded meetings and public service announcement slides. The Government/Education channels originating from the municipalities in the Breezeline cable TV franchise region may be seen on the following channels. Comcast Xfinity only shows the Government/Education channel of the customer’s municipality.

Municipality Breezeline Channel Frontier TV
Comcast Xfinity Channel
East Lyme 191 or 2003 6112 97
Griswold 192 or 2004
Killingly 193 or 2005 6116 97
Montville 194 6115 97
New London 195 6114 97
Plainfield 196 97
Putnam 197
Waterford 199 or 2010 6113 97

Community Access TV (Public Access TV)

The goal of community access television is to provide community groups, activists, artists, non-profits or any resident within our local area with the resources to create and deliver programming that promotes the diverse views, ideas and information of interest to the cable TV subscriber. The Community Access studio serving the nine communities listed above is located at 61 Myrock Avenue in Waterford. Call 860-440-3154 or see the SEC-TV website for more information.

There is no cost for training or use of the community access television facility to create, edit or cablecast your program. Programs can be pre-recorded, edited or live (interactive) call-in shows.

Community Access (Public Access) programs can be seen on Breezeline, Frontier TV and Comcast Xfinity.

Public Access Breezeline Channel Frontier TV Channel Comcast Xfinity Channel
Community Access 24 or 2000 6041 12
Community Access 25 or 2001 6042 14