At its meeting of August 2, 2023, the Board of Selectmen created an advisory Ad Hoc Short-Term Rental Committee to investigate issues concerning short term rentals in East Lyme and to report its findings and its recommendations to the Board.


The Charge from the Board of Selectmen to the Ad Hoc Short-Term Rental Committee is as follows. Please note that paragraph 4 of the Charge reflects the Selectmen’s approval, voted at its meeting of September 20, 2023, to extend the Committee’s time to investigate and report.

WHEREAS, the Town of East Lyme is aware that the rental of residential properties on a short-term basis is a matter of concern to many East Lyme residents; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Selectmen wishes to investigate the issue of short-term rentals to determine whether and to what extent they may be regulated, if there exists a need in East Lyme to regulate such practices, and any other related issues.

THEREFORE, the Board of Selectmen hereby establishes the AD HOC SHORT-TERM RENTAL COMMITTEE and requests it conduct its business as follows:

1. The Committee shall be comprised of eight (8) members, each one being a resident elector of East Lyme. There shall be one member each representing the interests of the Board of Selectmen, the Zoning Commission, and six members at large. The composition of the Committee will comply with the minority representation statute. Five members shall constitute a quorum. All members shall be recommended and appointed by the Board of Selectmen.

2. The Committee shall conduct its business in accordance with all laws and regulations governing the actions of municipal agencies, including the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act.

3. The Committee shall conduct at least two (2) Public Hearings to receive comments and input from the East Lyme residents. The first shall be early in the process and the second one shall be held prior to the report of recommendations to be given to the Board of Selectmen.

4. The Committee shall report its findings and any recommendations to the Board of Selectmen no later than January 17, 2024, and the Committee may request additional time if necessary.

5. Any Committee member who has a financial interest in a short-term rental shall disclose same at the first meeting of the Committee.


  • Membership Information
  • Anne Santoro, R, At-Large, Co-Chair
  • Gary Cicchiello, D, At-Large, Co-Chair
  • Anne Thurlow, U, Zoning Commission
  • Dan Beachy, D, Crescent Beach Association
  • John Cellino, U, Black Point Beach Association
  • Gary Farrugia, U, Saunders Point
  • Paul Formica, R, President, Giant’s Neck Beach Association
  • Greg McIntire, D., Oak Grove Beach Association
  • Candice Carlson, Ex-Officio, Board of Selectmen


Information and/or an opinion from the Public not already provided at the Public Hearings of September 25, 2023, and of January 29, 2024, may be shared with the Committee during the Delegations portion of our meetings or emailed directly to the Co-Chairs and distributed to members by our Recording Secretary, Brooke Stevens.

Please check the Town Calendar and Agendas for upcoming meetings.

Co-Chair email addresses are as follows:

Committee Status Report to the Board of Selectmen (April 2024)

The Committee delivered its Status Report to the Board of Selectmen on April 25, 2024.  The Status Report contains the Committee’s findings, analysis, and conclusions to date, pending the Connecticut Supreme Court’s decision concerning short-term regulation in the Wihbey case.  The Committee presented and discussed the report at the Selectmen’s regular meeting on Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at Town Hall.  You may read the report here; a hard copy, including exhibits, is available in the Town Clerk’s office.  You may view the Committee’s presentation of the report below.

January 29 Public Hearing

Meeting Information


May 15, 2024 – Presentation to Board of Selectman

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March 18, 2024

February 27, 2024 – No recording available
February 12, 2024

January 29, 2024

January 29, 2024 – Public Hearing

January 16, 2024

December 11, 2023

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