The Town Right-of-Way is the land owned by the Town located between the homeowner’s front property line & the edge of road, and the roadbed itself.  Typically, a Right-of-Way Permit is required for, but not limited to, any work performed in the Town Right-of-Way, new house construction, new or modified driveway/sidewalk, underground utility work, and planting or installing anything in the Town Right-of-Way. Any driveway work performed in the Town Right of Way that consists of a material other than asphalt must have a two foot asphalt strip constructed along the edge of the road.

Please complete the Application for Right-of-Way (ROW) Permit, attach a copy of the Site Plan, and provide a Bond and Certificate of Insurance. Submit this information to the Engineering Department. Send Email to, USPS mail, or in person.

The Application packet includes a Standard Detail sheet which depicts a Typical Driveway Apron, Temporary Pavement Detail, and Permanent Pavement Detail.  The information contained on this Standard Detail sheet as been found to be suitable for most paving situations; however, additional downloadable reference Details for different paving situations have been included below.  Upon request, copies of the reference details are also available from the Engineering Department.

NOTE:  If proposed work is on a State road you will need to get an Encroachment Permit from CTDOT at CT DOT Encroachment Permits.   State roads are:  Route 1 (Boston Post Road) , Route 161 (Chesterfield Road, Flanders Road & Pennsylvania Avenue), Route 156 (Main Street/West Main Street), Stone Ranch Road.