(Photo by Mara Lavitt)

This committee was formed in 2010 to recognize and protect agriculture in our committee. This committee is part of the Conservation of Natural Resources Commission and it meets at 6:30 pm on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at the East Lyme High School Commons. (no July or December meetings)

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Our mission is to promote Agriculture and Agri-business as the definition of Agriculture per C.G.S. 19a-341, in accordance with the 2010 P.O.C D. (Plan of Conservation and Development); in our Farm friendly town. This committee seeks to foster initiatives that benefit the town and our citizens.

Goals to promote Agriculture include:

  • Celebrate East Lyme exhibit
  • Education and information for our community through events for our townspeople and public at large
  • Tours of local farms
  • Equestrian trail rides
  • Identification of local farms through mapping to promote Agri-business
  • Pursuit of Agricultural Viability Grants
  • To recognize the contributions farms make to our environment, the green movement, and retention of Open space while still contributing to town revenue