Zoning Regulations are adopted for the purposes set forth in the General Statutes of the State of Connecticut, namely; to promote the heath, safety and general welfare of the Town of East Lyme, by:

  • Preventing the overcrowding of land and avoiding undue concentration of population;
  • Preventing or lessening congestion of the public highways;
  • Providing for the preservation of desirable open space, tree cover, historic sites, recreation areas, scenic vistas, stream valleys, wetlands and related water sources, and other environmentally important lands, soiled and geologic phenomena;
  • Encouraging energy efficient development;
  • Providing adequate open spaces for light and air;
  • Securing safety from fire, panic, flood and other dangers;
  • Facilitating adequate provisions for transportation, water, sewage disposal, schools, parks and other conveniences;
  • Stabilizing and conserving the value of land, homes and other buildings;
  • Encouraging the most appropriate use of land throughout the town; and
  • Providing proper provision for soil erosion and sediment control.