Preparing for Spring And Summer

The East Lyme Fire Marshal and the East Lyme 911 Dispatch Center offer the following to help you be prepared for Spring and Summer:

  1. For some residents your spring cleaning lists already include yard work and while there are restrictions on what items are acceptable, perhaps an Open Burn Permit will suit your needs.
  2. If you’re planning on having a recreational fire or a bonfire/campfire at your residence, the Dispatch Center needs to be contacted.
  3. Stay up to date on upcoming storms and weather alerts by visiting . The CT Alert ENS (Emergency Notification System) uses the state’s Enhanced 9-1-1 (E9-1-1) database for location-based notifications to the public for life-threatening emergencies. But the E9-1-1 database includes only traditional wire-line telephone numbers in the state (the “land line” phone you may have in your home). CT Alert ENS Citizen Sign-up Page Allows you to add other means of communication to the CT Alert ENS, in addition to your current home phone “land line” if you have one. Take a moment to visit and sign up your mobile devices to receive the alerts.
  4. Many homes and businesses in town are equipped with Burglar and Fire Alarms. Complete and mail the Alarm Registration Form to ensure your information is up-to-date with our Dispatch Center.