Driveways – A Message from the Public Works Department

Message from the Public Works Department

It seems that more and more of our residents have been replacing their conventional asphalt driveways with pavers and/concrete right up to the edge of the Town road.  So that homeowners are aware, if you are looking to put in a new driveway, relocate your existing driveway, and looking to use an alternate material to asphalt up against the road, you need to get a Right of Way Permit with the Town Engineering Department.  There is no cost for the permit and we can turn it around quickly, however, we need to issue the permit so that there are no issues with the Town in the future.

Any driveway work performed in the Town Right of Way that consists of a material other than asphalt must have a 2 foot asphalt strip constructed along the edge of the road.   The reason for this is so the Town plows do not damage the pavers/concrete and so that we don’t damage our plow blades.  Additionally, if the Town decides to resurface the road and needs to bring up the road height, the Town would not be responsible for adjusting a non-asphalt apron.

For driveways that have been installed with alternate materials to asphalt without a permit, the Town will not be responsible for any damage, drainage issues or any other negative consequences.

See the Right of Way Permit application page which includes instructions.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Engineering Department at