Public Service Message from the East Lyme Public Works Department

Sometimes when the East Lyme Public Works Dept is collecting curbside trash, our drivers don’t pick up the trash can because there are unacceptable waste items in the can.  Some of the common items that we flag include yard waste, grass clippings, scrap metal, recyclable materials, demolition debris and other bulky wastes that are not meant to go in the trash can.

The Department is not making these rules up but are following the requirements of the incinerator facility where we take our trash. Recently, we received a letter from that facility flagging one of our loads as unacceptable.  Because of this, we wanted to use this incident as a reminder to our residents that they need to put the proper items in the trash can or else their can may not be picked up.

For more information on the East Lyme Public Works Department trash and recycling program, please go to the Public Works pages in the Town’s website at

Hope you have a great summer.