Q. When I play a video, the picture is choppy/jerky/jumpy. How do I fix this problem?
A. If you use the Chrome browser and the video does not play correctly, we have found that disabling “hardware acceleration” solves this issue. In Chrome, click Settings menu item, then click Show Advanced Settings, then un-check the “Use hardware acceleration when available” CheckBox and restart Chrome.

Q. How do I speed up the playback of a video?
A. Click on the setup icon (gear) at the bottom right of the video frame, then click Speed Normal > and select one of the available playback speeds.

Q. How do I play a video full screen?
A. Click the square in the bottom right corner of the video frame. Click again to leave full screen mode.

Q. I can’t find the video of a meeting?
A. It can take a week or more for a video to be posted. Occasionally, a meeting is not recorded. This is usually caused by a technical malfunction or oversight.