The East Lyme Water Department is in the process of installing new meters and removing old metering technologies. During this process, we are sending out bills to our customers using a combination of the old and new meter readings, depending on when the new meter was installed.

We are finding different billing scenarios related to our older metering technology and estimated meter reads. Estimated meter reads and reads based on Outside Readers (pictured below) are now being resolved. This has resulted in unexpected high usage for some customers as they receive a “true-up” bill that reflects this discrepancy.

For these customers, the Water Department is willing to relook at these bills to alleviate the hardship that theymay cause. We appreciate customers’ patience in working with us as we bring our metering technology to the 21st century, which will ultimately improve our ability to assist our customers. Please email us at or stop in Town Hall if you would like to discuss your bill in more detail.