MarriageLicense_webThe Town Clerk’s Office is the repository for all vital records.

This includes births, marriages, deaths, adoptions, burial certificates, cremation permits. If the “event” occurred outside of East Lyme, the original is filed in the Town where it occurred and a copy is filed here for reference. If the “event” occurred in East Lyme, the original remains here and copies are sent to the Town of residence of the party or parties involved.

Birth Certificate

A request for a birth record is strictly regulated. It must be handwritten or typed and must be accompanied by a photo ID of the person making the request. Birth records may be viewed by certain family members, title searchers and attorneys and the head of the municipality, but copies may only be obtained by certain members of the family or a lawful representative and registered Genealogical Societies. A full size birth certificate may be obtained for $20.00 and a wallet size for $15.00. See the links below for printable PDF forms to request a copy of a birth, death, or marriage certificate.

Death Certificate

A certified copy of a death certificate or marriage certificate may be issued if the event occurred in East Lyme or if the decedent or applicant was a resident of the Town of East Lyme. The fee for a certified copy is $20.00.

Marriage License

Marriage licenses are issued for marriages taking place in East Lyme. Blood tests are no longer required. The fee for the license is $50.00 with $34.00 of that going to the State of Connecticut. Upon issuance of the license, the applicants are advised to give the license to the person performing the ceremony. The license will ultimately be returned to the Town Clerk where it becomes a permanent record. A certified copy may be obtained for a fee of $20.00.

State of Connecticut

Copies of all vitals which take place in Connecticut are sent monthly to the Department of Health of the State of Connecticut where records for the entire State are kept.