It is a requirement of the State of Connecticut that citizens be given proper notice of all public meetings.

Each year all boards and commissions are required to present to the Town Clerk a calendar of their upcoming schedule for the year. These become their Regular Meetings.

If however, during the year, it is necessary to call a Special Meeting, in other words a meeting which does not appear on that regular schedule, it may be called with only 24 hours advance notice. Notice of the date, time, place and purpose must be filed. Only those items appearing on the notice may be discussed.

Motions of a meeting are to be filed within 48 hours and minutes of the meeting within 7 days. As these are received by the Town Clerk, each is stamped with the date and time of filing. They are then filed away and become a permanent record of the Town.

Copies of all minutes may be obtained for a fee of $.50 per page.

A bulletin board is maintained to inform you of upcoming meetings in the lobby of Town Hall.  Other notices of interest are posted there also.

Meeting Agendas & Minutes
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