Questions and Answers about your tax bills

  • What happens if my taxes become delinquent?
    State law governs our collection process. Interest is assessed on all delinquent amounts at the first of the month at the rate of 1.5% per month, from the due date. There is a minimum interest charge of $2 per bill. In addition, we are required to report all delinquent motor vehicle accounts to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Clearance is needed from Tax Office to register at DMV. Registrations will not be processed by DMV until all delinquent taxes are paid in full.
  • What if I no longer own the motor vehicle or have moved out of state?
    You may be entitled to a tax credit IF you no longer own the vehicle or have moved out of state AND you provide the Assessor’s Office with substantiating information. The Assessor is located in the Town Hall and can be reached at (860)-739-6931. All information must be dated and have the vehicle ID number on all documentation. In addition to a plate receipt from DMV indicating that the registration has been canceled, lost or stolen, any of the following serve as a form of proof of vehicle disposition: copy of bill of sale, transfer of title, out-of-state registration, insurance statement indicating vehicle was stolen, totaled, junkyard receipt or copy of purchase agreement identifying trade-in vehicle and plate receipt.
  • What if I have moved to another town IN CONNECTICUT?
    If you lived in Niantic/East Lyme at the time the vehicle was registered but now live in another town, you are responsible for changing your registration information with the DMV. The bill, however, will not be sent from your new town until the next billing, and you must pay the bill from East Lyme.
  • What if I do not receive a tax bill?
    If you do not receive a tax bill for a vehicle you own, promptly contact the Tax Office (860)-739-6931. Connecticut State Statute 12-130 states that failure to receive a bill does not invalidate the tax.
  • How do I pay my tax bill?
    There are five ways to pay your tax bill:
    1. You can mail a check in the envelope provided. Do not send cash. Be sure to include the tax bill payment form and write the List Number in the memo area of the check.
    2. You can pay by check made out to EAST LYME TAX COLLECTOR at the Tax Collector’s counter.
    3. Place an envelope containing your check and the tax bill payment form in the Drop Box located at the front of Town Hall by the glass doors facing Pennsylvannia Avenue. No cash in the Drop Box please.
    4. You can pay by credit card using your PC.
    5. You can pay by Electronic Funds Transfer using your PC.
    6. You can pay by credit card via telephone.