The Mill Rate for the 2022 Grand List which covers the fiscal year from July 1st 2023 through June 30th 2024 is


The Tax Bills for Real Estate (First Half), Personal Property (First Half if over $100.00) and Motor Vehicles are due July 1st with a grace period to August 1st. Simple interest of 1.5% per month will revert back to July 1st on any delinquent payments made after August 1st. Second half payments on Real Estate, Personal Property (over $100.00) and Supplemental Motor Vehicle bills will be due January 1st with a grace period through February 1st.

Credit Card and Electronic Funds Transfer Payments can be made online at Tax Payments & Tax History.

Please contact the East Lyme Tax Office at 860-739-6931 for any questions concerning your tax bills.

You will be able to view your new tax bills online at Tax Payments & Tax History on July 1.

Christine Dixon
Tax Collector