• Residents can bring leaves in paper bags or un-bagged to the Transfer Station free of charge.
  • Leaves should be free of branches, yard waste, grasses and anything else that is not leaves.
  • No grass clippings can be brought to the Transfer Station as we are not permitted to take grass.

Leaf Collection November 2, 2020 – December 4, 2020 (with the exception of snow events). No collection Thanksgiving week.

  • Call 860-691-4118 or email publicworks@eltownhall.com
  • Leave, name, address & number of bags
  • We will come pick up the bags on your trash collection day
  • The East Lyme Highway Department is starting fall leaf pickup on Monday November 2, 2020.
  • This service will continue for four weeks until the week of November 30, 2020 or until there is snow, whichever is sooner.

Message from Your Public Works Department

As a reminder, the Transfer Station will be closed this Thursday October 22nd so that are employees can attend an essential training.

Furthermore, we wanted to provide some additional information/explanation on our fall leaf collection

Each fall we plan on waiting until mid-October to determine the actual start date of our fall leaf collection depending on the timing of the leaves coming down for that year.  This year we have made the decision to start the service on Monday November 2nd.  The service will run thru December 4th (there is no leaf collection the week of Thanksgiving)

Residents can always bring bags of leaves to the Transfer Station on Roxbury Rd free of charge. The Transfer Station is typically open Tuesday – Saturday 7:30am to 2pm.

We do ask residents to call or email us with the location of their leaves and the number of bags for a few reasons;

We used to use our rear loading garbage trucks to do leaf pickup but these trucks have been taken out of service because they were so old and we have choose not to request town tax dollars to replace them.  Because of this, we have changed the way we pick up leaves so knowing where the leaves are and how many bags per site help us better plan our routes.

As to why we don’t just drive all the roads in town each week, there are 114 miles of roads in town so that would be highly inefficient.  If a resident doesn’t want to call or email the Department and if we see leaves in front of your house in the proper bags we will try our best to pick them up, however, those that call or email us will be all but assured that we will pick up your leaves.

So that the public knows, the two main methods for our Department in disseminating information to the public are the town website (www.eltownhall.com) and the Public Safety Facebook page.  We ask that if you ever have questions with our services, that you please either email the department at publicworks@eltownhall.com or call the office during normal work hours at 860-691-4118.

Joe Bragaw

East Lyme Public Works Director