Leaf Collection Service

We used to pick up leaves for one week in the spring but starting in 2019, we will no longer be doing that.  The main reason for elimination of the spring service is twofold:  First, our experience is that we get a lot of twigs, branches, plants and grass clippings in the spring which are not permitted and not part of leaf collection.  Secondly, we are in the process of retiring the rear loading garbage truck that we have used for leaf collection in the past.

The Highway Department offers a leaf collection service in the fall of each year.  We typically don’t start this service until November as it is our experience that this is when the leaves start falling.  Please check back on our website in October or call the office at 860-691-4118 to find out more specific information on the starting date of the collection and projected duration.  Our trucks will be on the road each week combing the neighborhoods to pick up bags of leaves.  To facilitate our collection, residents can call 860-691-4118 to let us know the address and number of bags of leaves.  The most efficient way for us to pick up the leaves is by neighborhood so once you have put out your leaves please give us at least two weeks to get them before calling asking us when they will be picked up.  Additionally, we ask that you read our Leaf Collection policies below for further instruction.


Leaf Collection Policies

  • We do not collect brush.
  • DO NOT BLOW OR RAKE LEAVES INTO THE ROAD.  This will clog catch basins which can cause road flooding and icing.  Leaves become very slippery when wet causing a hazard for motorists. 
  • Leaves must be in paper bags – leaves in plastic bags are not collected
  • Bags can be obtained for $.50 each at the Public Works Department in Town Hall between 8:00AM and 4:00PM.  Paper leaf bags purchased at retail stores are also acceptable.
  • Grass clippings and brush are not acceptable as part of our roadside leaf collection service.  Please visit the US EPA web site for information on grasscycling.
  • Leaves can be brought to a designated area at the transfer station free of charge
  • Plastic bags can be used and emptied at the site.
  • No grass clippings are permitted.
  • Home composting and home recycling of leaves are encouraged as environmentally desirable alternatives.