The sweeping season begins approximately the third week in March of each year.
Following is the approximate order of sweeping by neighborhood:SWEEPING LIST BY NEIGHBORHOOD

Kevin Road, Romagna Road, Oak Hill, Acorn
Roxbury Road, Riverview, Society Road to Riverview
Gorton Lakes
Golden Spur
Pattagansett Lake
Heritage Legendary
Scott Church Lane
Upper Patt & Courts Mill Road
Islanda Court
Crescent Beach
Oak Grove
Old black Point
Black Point
Courts off 156
Fairhaven & Courts Off
Giants Neck
East Patt & Courts
Lakeview Heights, Smith Ave, Smith Street, York, Morton, North Washington, Beckwith, Grand, Lincoln, State, Dodge Court
The rest of the village including Cini Park
Courts off 161 Silver Falls to Flanders
Courts off 161 south of Flanders
Courts off Roxbury
Society Road
Dean Road Nathan Hale
Lovers Lane
Ancient Highway
North Bride Brook & Courts Off
Green Valley Lakes
Cedar Ridge, Naomi, Joshua Valley Road