A Guide to Stormwater Pollution

Low Impact Development (LID) techniques like rain barrels can reduce the amount of stormwater runoff and improve water quality in your community. Rainwater harvesting can help to reduce water related energy use as well as save you money. LID is a practice that can be used by municipalities, homeowners and developers alike. In the past few years, LID has been applied to government, residential, and commercial development & redevelopment throughout the country. In many cases incorporation of LID practices has resulted in significant cost savings with both construction and maintenance costs as well as efficiently managing runoff and protecting the environment.

Collecting rooftop runoff into Rain Barrels and using it for other purposes can help to:

  • Control local flooding and recharge local groundwater resources;
  • Protect rivers and streams from erosion;
  • Keep pollutants from paved areas from entering waterways; and
  • Conserve tap water and energy use.

The Rainfall as a Resource – Rain Barrels brochure was designed by the CT DEEP for those who wish to learn more about implementing innovative stormwater controls.

Rainwater Harvesting Projects in Connecticut.