A Guide to Stormwater Pollution

Low Impact Development (LID) techniques like rain gardens can result in greater efficiency in costly stormwater management systems, such as storm sewers, curbs and gutters, and even some flood control projects. LID is a practice that can be used by municipalities, homeowners and developers alike. In the past few years, LID has been applied to government, residential, and commercial development and redevelopment throughout the country, and, in many cases incorporation of LID practices has resulted in significant cost savings with both construction and maintenance costs as well as efficiently managing runoff and protecting the environment.

By incorporating Rain Gardens into a landscape we can

  • Limit runoff and improve water quality;
  • Recharge groundwater, rivers and streams;
  • Decrease the need for expensive stormwater systems; and
  • Create attractive developments in character with the charm of our state.

The Rainfall as a Resource brochure was designed by the CT DEEP for those who wish to learn more about implementing innovative stormwater controls.

Rain Garden/Bioretention Implementation Projects in Connecticut.

Planning on Building a Rain Garden? A FREE Android or Apple app was designed by UCONN CT NEMO Program to help you properly install a rain garden at your home, office, or job site.