Wondering What to do or Who to Call When You See A CoyoteThere are numerous calls every day to our Police dispatch and Town Hall from concerned residents reporting coyote sightings in Niantic and East Lyme. According to the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), the risk of an attack by a coyote in very low. Please see Living with Coyotes (ct.gov) for detailed information including coexisting with coyotes, preventing conflicts with coyotes, local numbers to call for reporting coyote problems and much more!

The daily calls received by the Police and Town Hall have been to report sightings of coyotes, not to report aggressive behavior by the animals. Like many towns and cities in CT, coyotes have become familiar with humans.

Please continue to report sightings of the coyotes on social media to keep neighbors aware of their presence. Should you witness an animal behaving aggressively, staggering, exhibiting extreme lethargy or posing an immediate public threat, call 911 to report.

Coyote Fact Sheet