Checklist for pool safety

  • Never swim alone. Use the buddy system and maintain eye contact.
  • Never leave children (even those who can swim) unattended in, around or near pools – not even for a few moments.
  • Keep the pool area locked and secure when not in use.
  • Swim only in supervised and approved areas.
  • Keep rescue equipment near the pool. Have emergency flotation devices and a phone near the pool.
  • Enroll children in swim lessons.
  • Enforce water safety rules. No running, pushing or dunking.
  • Never falsely claim to need help in the water.
  • Take all toys out of the pool when not swimming so that children will not be tempted to go after the toys.
  • Learn CPR and water rescue techniques. (The East Lyme Police Explorers may offer CPR in the future as a fundraiser. If interested, please email them at
  • Have a professional inspect all entrapment hazards in the pool, including the pump and drain.
  • Know and mark the location of the electrical cut-off switch for the pool pump.

Checklist for playground safety

  • Never leave children unattended.
  • A soft surface with a minimum depth of 12 inches should surround all equipment. Items such as wood chips, bark mulch, wood fibers, sand, pea gravel, shredded tires and rubber mats cushion falls best.
  • A clearing of a 6-foot use zone should surround equipment.
  • Guardrails should surround elevated platforms and should be at least 29 inches high for preschoolers and 38 inches high for school-age children.
  • Be sure that your child plays on age-appropriate equipment.
  • Remove any hoods or drawstrings from clothing that may snag.
  • Be aware of moving items, such as swings.
  • Swings should be about 24 inches apart. Place babies and toddlers in full bucket swings for the safest play.
  • Check slides to ensure that they are well anchored, have firm handrails and good traction on the steps.
  • Use a traditional spring-loaded see saw, with tires under the seats.
  • 40% of all playground injuries occur on climbing equipment.

MOST IMPORTANTLY Watch children closely!