Pursuant to the provisions of Connecticut General Statute §14-300g, as amended, the Police Commission, acting herein as the duly constituted traffic authority of the town, hereby permits the operation of golf carts within the town in accordance with the terms of this regulation.

The Golf Cart Regulation, the registration application form are availble in the Downloads section below. Maps of permitted roads are in the Golf Cart Regulation document.

Registration of Golf Carts

  • The Golf Carts registration season is from June 1st to May 31st.
  • Golf Carts are required to be registered and insured.
  • Owner must submit proof of ownership such as a Title or Bill of Sale.
  • Certificate of insurance covering the golf cart that meets the state of Connecticut minimum liability insurance requirements for a motor vehicle. An amended homeowners policy adding the golf cart is not acceptable.
  • The equipment must satisfy the standards contained in the ordinance, including 4 wheels, maximum speed of (no more than) 25 mph and capable of transporting no more than 4 persons.
  • Two Color Photos of Golf Cart — #1 Drivers Side/Rear, #2 Passenger Side/Front.
  • Registration fee in the amount of $35 (annually).
  • Any postage fees due for the purpose of receiving your registration documents by mail.
  • The East Lyme Police Department will issue a plate upon the initial registration. A new registration sticker will be issued for each year same golf cart is renewed.