Please complete the attached employment application and return it to the Parks and Recreation office at your earliest convenience to be considered for employment during the Summer season. For additional information, please call the parks and recreation office at 860-739-5828.

Positions available include:
Full-Time Maintainer
Seasonal Maintainer
Applications being accepted, fill out application below!
Expect 40 hours per week, start date of April 3rd and ending around November 1st.
Must be at least 18 years old.
Duties include: Trash collection, cleaning of park facilities, line trimming, mowing, field maintenance, general park maintenance.

Camp Counselor: Positions full
Camp Dates are expected to be June 19th-August 4th.
Applicants should not plan vacations during this time frame.
Hours vary depending on morning care and after care.
Applicants must enjoy interacting with children, have a positive attitude, and enjoy large group games.

Gate Attendant: Positions full
Employment will coincide with the beach pass season, Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day Weekend.
Hours vary depending on morning and evening shift schedules and special events.
Duties include: Checking vehicles for passes as they enter the park, enforcing park rules, assisting new patrons of the park with information, some restroom maintenance, opening and closing park.

Life Guard
Employment will be from Memorial Day – Labor Day
Hours are 9AM-5PM, rotating amongst the three beaches as the head guard sees fit.
Applicants must be Red Cross certified Lifeguards(or equivalent).