Building Department

Structural changes require a building permit for interior remodel/renovations to an existing residential or commercial building. New structures also require a building permit for residential, commercial, or industrial uses. Information on requirements and applications can be obtained from the Building Department within the Land Use offices.

Engineering Department

Construction of a new driveway or alterations to an existing driveway may or may not require review by the Engineering Department, and the approval of a Driveway Permit. This information and application can be obtained from the Engineering Department which is part of Public Works.

Planning Department

Interested in subdividing your land? Have questions about whether or not you can, or whether your parcel was part of a larger subdivision? The Planning Department and Planning Director can assist you with finding this information, or with applying for a subdivision.

Perhaps you are interested in growing your business in East Lyme. Economic Gardening with the Town of East Lyme’s Planning Director may help you, and point you in a direction to get your business moving!

Zoning Department

Opening a new business in East Lyme or Niantic, in your home or renting a commercial location? You will need to satisfy the Town’s local ordinance for business registration by filling out and filing a New Business Registration form with the Zoning Department, located within the Land Use offices.

Wondering where you can put that new shed or how close to the property line that pool you’ve always dreamed of can go? Contact the Zoning Department. Structural changes inside an existing residential or commercial structure sometimes require Zoning permits, and all new structures require Zoning approval. Zoning information and permits can be obtained from the Zoning Department within the Land Use offices.

Inland Wetlands Agency

Any work within one-hundred feet of a wetland requires a wetland permit from the Inland Wetlands Agency or their Agent. Work performed within the one-hundred foot buffer is considered sensitive to the ecosystems and environment that is part of a wetland. Information and permits can be obtained from the Inland Wetlands Agency/Agent, within the Land Use offices.

Ledge Light Health District

The toilet not flushing properly? Perhaps you have noticed a strong septic odor in your yard or your neighbors? Worried about whether or not something is harmful to your health? Do you own a restaurant or food service business? Contact Ledge Light Health District for septic information, restaurant inspections and safe food handling classes.