A tax relief program for elderly and totally disabled persons who meet certain income requirements as approved by the Office of Policy and Management.

Income limits for the 2017 calendar year cannot exceed $35,300.00 for single individual or $43,000.00 for married couples. Please keep in mind that this amount includes social security received for the 2017 calendar year. A complete copy of the 2017 IRS return must be submitted at time of application with a copy of the social security 1099. If no IRS return is filed then all 1099 forms and all income for the year must be presented. Anyone filing under totally disabled must submit proof of disability, ie: an original award letter from Social Security and or a current status report from Social Security and any other income.

Filing: February 1 through May 15

 Elderly and Totally Disabled Homeowners Tax Credit

In addition to the State homeowners tax credit, the Town of East Lyme passed an ordinance on November 2, 2005 providing additional tax relief for elderly and totally disabled homeowners. Applicants must be a resident of East Lyme, 65 years of age or over, or under age 65 and totally disabled

  • Applicant must have been taxpayer of the Town of East Lyme for 10 years immediately preceding their receipt of Town tax credit
  • Payment of property taxes must be current as of date of application
  • Property for which tax credit is claimed must be occupied by applicant as his or her principal residence (more than 183 days each year)
  • Income requirements are applicable which are the same as those approved by the Office of Policy and Management
  • Proof of income and disability are required
  • Income limits are adjusted annually
  • Tax credit will range from $300.00 – $1,000.00 off the tax bill depending on applicants income
  • Maximum 2017 income is $43,000.00 regardless of martial status

Filing: February 1 through May 15