Motor Vehicle Tax Adjustment

You may be entitled to have your vehicle tax prorated or removed if you have done one of the following between October 1 and August 31.

  1. Sold the vehicle
  2. Registered your vehicle out of State
  3. Totaled or had your vehicle stolen

Please provide the following: TWO (2) FORMS ARE REQUIRED

  1. PLATE RECEIPTfrom DMV indicating that registration has been CANCELLED
  2. PLUS any ONE (1) of the following

a. A copy of the Bill of Sale

b. A copy of the Transfer of Title (signed)

c. A copy of an Out of State registration (must show date vehicle was registered outside of the State of Connecticut)

d. A statement from insurance company indicating that the vehicle was stolen and NOT RECOVERED

e. A statement from insurance company indicating that the vehicle was totaled

f. A statement/recipt from junk yard

g. A Trade-In Vehicle statement – copy of the purchase agreement identifying the trade-in vehicle and a license plate receipt

All of the above documentation must be dated and reflect the vehicle identification number, year, make and model

For tax adjustment or removal, forward required documentation to Assessor’s Office, PO Box 519, Niantic, CT 06357-0519

Please Note:

If marker plate has been transferred to a replacement vehicle, the July tax is due in full. This payment will be credited toward the replacement vehicle and billed the following January.

You can now check the status of your registration via the internet by going to CT DMV Registration Verification.