Water Main Flushing – Giants Neck Areas

Giants Neck Areas

April 10, 2024

As spring arrives, the annual practice of flushing hydrants takes center stage, playing a vital role in safeguarding water quality. This crucial process aims to eliminate legacy iron and manganese from water mains, preventing their release into household taps and enhancing overall water cleanliness. By efficiently removing accumulated sediment and deposits, hydrant flushing not only ensures compliance with water quality standards but also improves the hydraulic performance of the distribution system. This proactive measure aligns with seasonal considerations, targeting sediment settled during winter months, and underscores a commitment to community health, safety, and regulatory compliance.

Customers may experience temporary discoloration of the water in this area. If you are experiencing discolored water, flush a cold water tap for 5 to 15 minutes. Water should run clear after flushing.

When flushing occurs, sediment that accumulates in the main becomes disturbed and temporarily suspended in the water causing a brown, red, orange, or yellow color.  This disturbance usually lasts for approximately two to four hours after which time the sediment will settle out and the water will be clear.  This discolored water is not a health threat.  However, the discolored water can stain clothing, so it is best to wait several hours for the water to clear before doing any laundry.  Also, do not use any hot water as you may draw the discolored water into your hot water tank, which may have to be flushed later.  If you were doing laundry when the water became discolored, rewash the laundry later when the water is clear.  Use a rust stain remover or regular detergent.  Do not use chlorine bleach.  Chlorine can react with iron and can form a permanent stain.

If you have any questions concerning this matter, please contact the East Lyme Water Department at 860-691-4104.