Recycling Guidelines

YES – Put these things in the recycling can:
Paperboard boxes
Mail & Greeting Cards
Loose metal jar lids & bottle caps
Paper egg cartons
Rinsed #1-7 plastic containers & screw-top jars
Rinsed plastic bottles & jugs
Paperback books
File folders
Phone books
White & color office paper
Rinsed, clean, balled aluminum foil & pans
Rinsed glass bottles & jars
Empty aerosol cans
Magazines, brochures & catalogs
Newspapers & inserts
Corrugated cardboard & paper bags
Rinsed cans
Rinsed paper milk/juice cartons

DO NOT put these things in the recycling can:

Plastic bags and films, Wood   
Trash/Food Waste/Garbage

NO – Wax paper, soiled paper, soiled napkins & paper, pet food bags & dryer sheets, shredded paper

NO – Non Bottled Plastics (Examples: Garden hose, trash & zip lock bags, cereal box bags, bubble wrap, clear plastic wrap, potato chip bags, single cheese wrappers, soiled plastic bottles & bags, Styrofoam, coolers, straws, silverware.

NO – Soiled aluminum foil, soiled tin cans

NO – Soiled pizza boxes & soiled cardboard (Examples: Grease, mold, paint)

NO – Windowpane glass, plated glass, windshield glass, ceramics, candle glass

NO – Pillows, clothing items, furniture, sheet rock, wood, yard waste, leaves, grass clippings

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