Some payments not properly recorded

September 2, 2021

To the Taxpayers of East Lyme,

Many of you are aware of the fact that several Tax Offices in Connecticut have had issues regarding some timely payments that were sent to the WEBSTER BANK Lockbox service in Hartford and this includes the East Lyme Tax Office.

In some cases, payments were mailed, but were not recorded as paid when we received the tax files WEBSTER BANK sent us during the July tax season.

We are in constant contact with the Lockbox Service of WEBSTER BANK to rectify this situation.

In order to verify the status of your payments we ask that you contact the TAX OFFICE.

If you make a payment now we will have to apply interest according to Connecticut State Statutes 12-145 and 12-146.

When we receive proof of payment from the WEBSTER Lockbox Service indicating that you did make timely payments we will return the unprocessed check(s) to you and refund the interest you paid.

I deeply regret the inconvenience and we will continue to try to correct this situation.

John McCulloch, CCMC
East Lyme Tax Collector