Delinquent water and sewer usage bills

We have a lot of delinquent water and sewer usage bills at this time. It is not fair to the other customers in the East Lyme Water and Sewer System to have people that don’t pay their bills in a timely fashion. Therefore, it is the Department’s intention to shut off customers for non-payment in the next few weeks if their bills have not been paid. We have not done shutoffs since before COVID, so we wanted to send out this message in advance to give customers every opportunity to pay their bills.

If a customer is struggling and can’t pay the full amount of their bill, they need to call the Department at 860-691-4104 or they can stop by the Water Department in the lower level of Town Hall at 108 Pennsylvania Avenue. The last water and sewer bills were sent out in April, were due on May 1st and became delinquent on June 1st. Since then, the Department sent out late notices in August that stated that they needed to pay the bill by September 1, 2021 or we reserve the right to turn off services at any time after this date for non-payment.

If a customer is shut off, they would have to pay a turn on fee to have our staff go back out and turn the water on after the bill has been paid in full, so it is in the customer’s best interests to contact the Department as soon as possible.