Social Distancing in our parks (Updated 3/30)

COVID-19 Parks and Recreation Update as of 3/30/2020

 Dear Parks and Recreation Friends, Participants and Neighbors,

            We are certainly in some challenging and uncharted waters as far the impact the Coronavirus has had on our daily lives. The Parks and Recreation Department will continue to work with our Town Leaders on making informed decisions regarding our parks and facilities; with this in mind, we are taking the following steps to keep you and your family safe and active, we will periodically update information related to COVID-19 on our parks and programs, please monitor our facebook page East Lyme Parks and our web-site :

  • NEW – Based on recommendations from the Ledge Light Health District all athletic fields and basketball courts are closed.
  • As of Monday, March 30, 2020 ALL group sporting events, pick-up games and activities that have 5 or more people participating are prohibited.
  • All Programs and Activities sponsored by our department are temporarily suspended.
  • All new Facility Requests are being suspended until further notice, if submitting a request by mail or e-mail we will process on a first come-first serve basis once restrictions are lifted.
  • The sale of beach passes is suspended until further notice. Once restrictions are lifted we will encourage the public to purchase them by mail.  Please go to our web site for more information.
  • The Parks and Recreation Office is closed. Staff will only be in the office periodically for essential work, e-mails and voice mails will be monitored daily.
  • All Playgrounds/Playscapes at McCook Point Park and Peretz Park at Bridebrook are closed starting on Friday, March 20 until further notice.

  Here are some ideas of things you can do in our community to stay active.
It is recommended that you should avoid all interaction with people who do not reside in your residence.

  • Walk the walking path that surrounds Peretz Park at Bridebrook.
  • Visit McCook Point Park, breathe the salt air and walk the perimeter of the Park.
  • Spend time at a beach, collect shells, search for beach glass, skip a stone.
  • Spend time cycling, in your neighborhood or on a scenic stretch of road.
  • Hike, find a place online and check it out! The lesser known, the better.
  • Explore the Darrow Pond Property off Mostowy Road (great place to do some bird watching).
  • Take a walk down Main Street starting at the Hole in Wall Parking Lot continuing to Cini Park and back.
  • Walk the perimeter of the Middle School/Lillie B. Haynes School property, this could include walking around the Brookside Farm.
  • Walk the track at the High School.
  • Spring has Sprung – Plant a Garden at home.
  • Check on an elderly neighbor and see if they need any assistance.
  • Check out the osprey as they return from their winter hideouts and begin fishing our local waters.

This is a sample list.  There are many more things that you can do at home or outside.

Visit the parks and send “selfies or scenic pictures” to Robin Grandieri – and we will select one of the pictures to be on the cover of an upcoming East Lyme “Events Magazine” (Please submit the picture in a j-peg – portrait format).