Field of Excellence Award

The East Lyme Parks and Recreation department is proud to announce that Firehouse Field at Peretz Park was recognized by Pioneer Athletics as a 2020 recipient of the Field of Excellence award. The department has had three fields recognized as Fields of Excellence, 2012: Keser Field, 2015: Adult Softball Field, 2020: Firehouse Field, all being at Peretz Park at Bridebrook.

The distinction does not come easy, and our maintenance staff has an incredible attention to detail to keep these playing surfaces in top condition throughout the changes of season, year after year. Firehouse Field hosts youth lacrosse, youth and high school soccer, and youth softball and baseball games, in addition to use by the public for recreation. Firehouse Field is one of four fields in New England and 72 fields nationwide to receive this award for 2020.

The maintenance team, comprised of three full-time employees, keeps a close eye on soil conditions, turf height, and any sign of turf disease. The goal and high use areas are treated with special care, with overseeding and sod when needed and an Integrated Pest Management plan is used to keep the fields safe for use. We extend a huge bravo and job well done to Jason, Mike and Austin and the seasonal maintainers who assist them in keeping our fields, parks and beaches places our community can be proud of.

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