Trash Bin

1) If your can is damaged, after notifying us via email, we will need you to leave it out by the street until one of our staff inspects.

a. If we determine that the can should be covered under the warranty, then we will provide another can free of charge
b. If we determine that the can was damaged due to normal wear and tear and will not be covered under warranty, then if you want
a new can you will need to pay for the new can and we will take back the damaged can.
c. Please understand that most of the original cans in our system are coming up on 18 years old and will no longer be under warranty
d. Someone from the PW Staff will get back in touch with you regarding whether your can falls under a or b.

2) If the garbage can request is for a new home that had never has a can before, you will receive one free 96-gallon recycling can and you will need to pay for a new trash can. Once we receive payment, we will drop the can off in front of your property

3) If a resident wants an additional recycling can because we pick up recycling every other week, we will supply either a 48 or 64 gallon recycling can free of charge while supplies last. We reserve the right to change the size of the free can we give depending on our current inventory of cans. If a resident/business would rather have a 96 gallon recycling can, they will need to pay for it.

4) If a resident wants an additional garbage can, they can purchase one for $220. Max LIMIT of 2 Cans for both
Recycling and Garbage per business or residence.