Styrofoam is NOT recyclable – put it in regular trash.

Single Stream Recycling allows you to place all of your recyclables into one bin, regardless of material type; making recycling easier for the consumer and increasing participation throughout the community. Once collected curbside, the Town of East Lyme delivers your recyclables to a Recycling Facility in Willimantic, CT, to be processed in a single stream sorting system. The automated system efficiently processes & separates recyclables at a rate of over 25 tons per hour; creating sellable end products, such as newspaper, mixed paper, ferrous cans, aluminum cans, soda bottles, milk jugs, detergent bottles, and #3 thru #7 bottles & glass.

Refer to the information below for acceptable and prohibited items:

Also, there is a list of Acceptable and Prohibited items, and information on Plastic Bag & Film Recycling.