Also, see Single Stream Recycling Informtion & Guidelines.

Acceptable Unacceptable Items
All plastics #1 to #7 Not allowed – Food waste in any containers
Aluminum cans Needles or Syringes
Aluminum foil Hazardous or bio-hazard waste
Cardboard Note: Break down cardboard and boxes. Over-packing the container will result in failure to empty into truck.
Detergent bottles Trash or bagged material
Empty aerosol cans Plastic Bag & Film Recycling
Envelopes (window ok) Styrofoam & Styrofoam peanuts
File folders Paint, Motor Oil
Hard and soft cover books
Juice and milk cartons
Junk mail
Multi 3 ply paper
Newspapers and inserts
Paper bags
Paperboard boxes (cereal, egg cartons)
Phone books/catalogs
Plastic buckets and crates
Plastic milk jugs
Plastic soda bottles
Pots and pans
School paper
Shredded paper
Small metal items
Tin cans
White and colored paper
Glass containers

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