The Town was recently notified  that Eversource is planning on doing significant maintenance tree trimming work this summer throughout East Lyme.  We have been told that the work should start in June and could last 3-4 months.  The two contractors that have been hired to do this work are Lucas Tree Service and Tennett Tree Service.   Eversource does this work every four years or so to build better reliability in providing residents power.  Some of the areas in Town that they will be doing work include the following; King Arthur Dr, Society Rd, Riverview, Gorton Lakes, Roxbury Rd, N. Bridebrook Rd, Giants Neck and Giants Neck Heights, Corey Lane neighborhood, Bush Hill & Hillwood Dr, Fairhaven area, Crescent Beach, Oak Grove, Smith St & Ave, Sleepy Hollow, Oswegatchie Hills Rd, Quarry Dock Rd, Saunders Pt, Pine Grove and the Huntley Court Neighborhood. These are the roads that we saw on the list but there could be more areas involved.  The contractors should be leaving door hangers on resident’s doors notifying people of the tree work that they intend on doing in front of people’s properties.  The Town does not have anything to do with this work; however, we are notifying our residents so that you have a heads up that this is coming.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Town Public Works Department at 860-691-4118.

The East Lyme Public Works Department does not trim trees or other vegetation associated with power wires.

Service wires located between a utility pole and a house are insulated for leaf and occasional branch contact.

Eversource Energy handles all powerwire-associated trimming. You may submit a trimming request.
NOTE: Eversource Energy service requests require a pole number which is located on the pole on a metal plate at eye level and labelled as an Eversource Energy(CL&P) or SNET pole with the number.