mailboxTown of East Lyme Policy

Mailbox Damage by Town Snow Plows

In order to provide a fair and uniform resolution to incidents involving mailboxes damaged by a Town snow plow the Town of East Lyme adheres to the following policy concerning repair/replacement of mailboxes.

If a mailbox has been hit by a Town snow plow it must be reported to the Public Works Department within 48 hours.

It is the job of the Public Works Department to remove snow from road surfaces. Snow being thrown by the plow can significantly impact a mailbox and cause damage. There is nothing that can be done to prevent snow from being thrown from the plow blade. Mailboxes must be securely fastened to a sturdy post anchored in the ground to resist the impact of thrown snow.

The mailbox, post and arm should be at least nine (9) inches from the face of curb or edge of pavement in order to prevent direct contact by the snow plow.


If it is determined a mailbox was struck directly by a Town snow plow, the Town will replace the existing mailbox and post with a standard mailbox and post. Custom mailboxes and posts will be not be replaced in-kind.

No mailbox or post will be considered for replacement if the post shows dry rot or is otherwise unstable or was placed too close to the travelway.

The Town will replace the mailbox and/or post only when the Town snow plow is found to have made direct contact with the mailbox, not when the box is knocked over by snow or slush that is thrown by the plow.

Basketball hoops and sprinkler systems within the Town right-of-way are not permitted and will not be replaced, repaired or reimbursed by the Town.

The Director of Public Works or a designated representative is authorized to use reasonable discretion in resolving matters involving unusual circumstances.

Joe Bragaw

Director of Public Works