The Town of East Lyme is a participant in the Federal Emergency Management Agency Community Rating System program which entitles its residents to discounts on their flood insurance policies. One of the objectives of the Community Rating System is to encourage and recognize programs that preserve & restore the natural functions of floodplains and minimize damage & disruption to infrastructure & critical facilities.

Know your Flood Hazard
In the Town of East Lyme, one of the primary threats of flooding results from the “ponding” of water during heavy storms. Some flooding can result from small ditches and streams overflowing during significant storm events. Many local urban flood problems are caused when trash, yard waste, brush, fill or other debris is dumped into channels. This debris can clog storm drains & culverts, divert flows, and reduce the conveyance capacity of channels.

Stream Dumping Regulations
The house you flood may be your own. Do not dump or throw anything into drainage ditches or streams. Obstruction and pollution of our waterways and ditches is a violation of Town Ordinances and Regulations.

Dumping or disposal of debris throughout East Lyme’s drainage system is prohibited. A Town Ordinance regulating the disposal of solid waste indicates that no person shall throw or deposit any refuse in any stream or other body of water. According to the East Lyme Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Regulations, filling or depositing material within 100 feet of a wetland or watercourse is considered a Regulated Activity.

The regulations that prohibit disposal of debris in East Lyme’s drainage system are enforced throughout the entire community. The East Lyme Wetlands Enforcement Officer and the Town Engineer are responsible for receiving complaints and monitoring compliance.