On May 11, 2023 the Connecticut Police Officers Standards and Training Council (POST-C) awarded the East Lyme Police Department Tier 2 accreditation status. This came after a two-year process which began with a complete legal review and drafting of policies and standards within the department, and culminated with a comprehensive policy review and on-site inspection conducted by a team of Law Enforcement Accreditation Professionals.

To accomplish this large task, administrative staff led by Accreditation Manager Lieutenant Dana Jezierski, worked closely with the Daigle Law Group, Department staff and the Police Union.

The State Accreditation program is designed to ensure that Connecticut law enforcement agencies operate in the most efficient manner and with uniformity to reduce exposure to civil liability, and to provide excellent management and service delivery.

The Connecticut Law Enforcement Accreditation Program consists of three successive tiers. The East Lyme Police Department worked incredibly hard to meet the 207 standards required to meet both Tier 1 and Tier 2 accreditation, making us the first Southeastern Connecticut Police Department to reach Tier 2 status.