Peretz Park at Bridebrook - Softball Field trees

Peretz Park at Bridebrook – Softball Field trees

The East Lyme Public Trust Foundation Inc., in cooperation with the East Lyme Parks and Recreation Department, is offering sponsors an opportunity to support the Niantic Bay Boardwalk and other town projects of the Trust by participating in THE PROMISE OF TOMORROW’S TREES, a Commemorative (Memorial) Tree Program in East Lyme.

These trees will be placed in public spaces in East Lyme as described on page 3. For a $600 contribution, a person can donate a chosen tree to the Parks and Recreation Department subject to the terms and conditions contained on Pages 3-4 of this application. A limited number of 25 trees will be available in Phase I for the plantings which will be in 2015 in the fall and spring.

Peretz Park at Bridebrook - Maple Tree

Peretz Park at Bridebrook – Maple Tree

Since the program began in 2015, 49 trees have been planted. At Cini Park there are 5 Crabapples. McCook Park has 8 Oaks, Beech, Sycamore, and Maples and also 5 Princess Dogwoods. Bridebrook Park has 5 Sugar Maples, with room for about 5 more. Smith Harris House has 2 Apple; Samuel Smith House has 3 apple trees. The East Lyme Library has 1 Apple and 1 Dogwood tree. Also at McCook Park is Cherry Lane, along Columbus Ave., with 10 Kwanza Cherry Trees. The McCook Park Statue Area has 2 Red Maples. Niantic Center School has 2 Red Maples and 2 Red Oaks. Flanders School has 1 Dogwood, with room for 2-3 more and Hole in the Wall has 1 Crab Apple.

Flanders School Courtyard - Dogwood tree

Flanders School Courtyard – Dogwood tree

Maple trees can still be purchased at Bridebrook Park and Dogwood trees at Flanders School. A contribution of $600 for a tree will cover the cost of the tree, the planting, an 8”x4” plaque, a base, and a water bag to assist in the stabilization of the tree. Planting will take place the spring of 2023. Since the East Lyme Public Trust Foundation is a non-profit 401c, contributions are tax deductible.



Ordering is easy. Go to our website: At the top of the page, click on Donations/Applications.

All funds raised are used to contribute to the maintenance of the Boardwalk and to other Foundation projects.