To approve a building permit application, the work proposed requires approval from as many as ten (10) separate departments, depending on the type of work. This process is handled internally unless noted.

All permits require approval from the tax office and building department.

Additions also require approval (and sometimes permits) from the Zoning department and Wetlands officer, and possibly the sanitarian through Ledge Light Health District.

New Houses require all of the above plus approval from Planning, Engineering & Water & Sewer departments, etc.

Commercial projects also require approval for the fire marshal.

When you submit an application to the Land Use Office, we will route the information to all of the departments, with the exception of Ledge Light Health District and the Fire Marshal’s Office. You must contact these departments yourself.

If the property is located in certain beach districts, the Town needs authorization from the Association Zoning Officer prior to accepting your permit application.

Crescent Beach
Facebook: Crescent Beach Association
Wick Haylon 860-857-6766

Giants Neck Beach
Gerry Van Noordennen 860-462-9707

Black Point Beach
Dave Murray 860-559-8030

Please see the “Single Family Requirements” handout.