Red Alert – COVID-19 in East Lyme

Update 10/22: East Lyme’s color code COVID Level was reduced to ORANGE today. We’re going in the right direction. Keep up the good work. Stay safe.

I am receiving a lot of calls and emails surrounding the State’s announcement that East Lyme (and several other towns) are on a “Red Alert.”

This means that each person in Southeastern CT needs to step it up; do not get casual with mask wearing and distancing. Most of the spread is coming from small groupings not large super-spreaders…friends getting together for a small social gathering, work mates working in close proximity, kids playing together. Masks work but so does separating yourself from others.

Spending time with another person for 15 minutes or more (masked or unmasked) is the biggest spreader. Walking past someone is not.

At the town level, we will continue to encourage no mass gatherings, no events, no parties, etc. Town services will remain open and available but we encourage people to do their business on the phone or on line as much as possible.

I will continue to provide updates as this new State of CT alert system is revealed.

Mark Nickerson
First Selectman