Phone Scam Alert

East Lyme Police Department

Tuesday April 5th afternoon we were advised by a resident that they received a phone call from 860-447-5369. The caller identified themselves as a New London Police Officer and informed the residents that they did not show up for their scheduled court appearance.

The “Police Officer” convinced the resident that in order to stay out of jail they would have to pay a large sum of money, and that they could settle the issue outside of court. The resident was persuaded into buying multiple prepaid cards from local stores in town, then providing the scratch-off card numbers on the back of them to the scammer.

These scammers are calling from what will look like legitimate local police department phone numbers on your caller ID. If you receive one of these types of calls, our advice is to immediately hang up. Do not provide them with any more information. If they direct you to buy gift cards or prepaid cards do not do so, police departments do not operate this way, that should be a clear indication that you are now involved in an attempted scam.

If you are unsure about the number that called you identifying themselves as a particular police department, you can find that department’s phone number online usually on the town designated website or you can always call us at 860-739-5900 if you believe someone is trying to scam you.

It’s now tax season and scammers are well aware that many people will receive returns and will try anything to get that money from you or a loved one. Most of these scams involve mention of legal troubles for failing to comply with their demands. Verify with family and friends that the person they mention is in fact not in legal trouble. It is unfortunate but most of these calls are directed at the elderly populous and make mention of grandchildren in trouble. We are not made aware of the scam until after money has been sent to an undisclosed location and the family has now learned of the scam.

Don’t be the next victim to these scams. Please share this post and information to your family and friends to help spread the word.