Mill Road Water Main Break


DECEMBER 2, 2020

the Water Department is repairing a water main break on Mill Road this morning.

Water customers on Mill Road can expect to be without water for approximately four to six hours while repairs are being made.

Customers may also experience discolored water when service is restored.  The discolored water is not a health threat.  However, the discolored water can stain clothing, so it is best to wait for the water to clear before doing any laundry.

it is advisable not to use any hot water as you may draw the discolored water into your hot water tank, which may have to be flushed later.

If you are doing laundry when the water became discolored, rewash the laundry later when the water is clear.  Use a rust stain remover or regular detergent.  Do not use chlorine bleach.  Chlorine can react with iron and can form a permanent stain.

You may contact the Water Department at 860-691-4104 if you have any questions concerning this matter.

Thank you for your understanding as we work through this issue.