Frontier Communications installing fiber optic lines in East Lyme

Over the next several months, Frontier will be installing new overhead and underground Fiberoptic lines for high-speed internet. Trucks will be labeled and doorhangers will be placed in neighborhoods where work will be done

If you have any construction-related questions, contact James Rennie, FTTH Local Manager, Construction at 860.841.6971.

Frontier Communications is installing a fiber optic network for homes and businesses in East Lyme.

This is a wired fiber-optic infrastructure project; it is not a 5G wireless project. You’ll notice a lot of activity in your surrounding areas, including increased truck traffic during the construction process. Before they bring fiber to your neighborhoods, they will:

  • Secure local permits;
  • Locate other utilities to avoid impacting their facilities;
  • Create a path for the network and set up connection points to bring fiber to
    customers; and
  • Conduct technical and engineering work in their central office facilities and on the
    network itself.

If you are interested in knowing if your address qualifies for Frontier® Fiber service, contact 1-855-887-0992 (residential), 1-888-534-1751 (business), or visit for more information.