Eversource Winter Energy Prices  & Energy Assistance

Eversource LogoEversource offers a number of assistance programs, flexible payment options and energy efficiency resources to help customers with the burden of higher energy costs.

Customers can learn more about the available options at Eversource.com/price.

Many Americans are coping with increasing prices, including rising energy bills. We know our customers count on us every day for the energy they need and recognize our role in keeping bills as low as possible as energy prices surge.

As you know, Eversource purchases energy supply to meet customers’ electric needs throughout the year. Eversource does not earn a profit on the cost of energy supply and charges customers only what the company pays in the energy market.

Beginning January 1, pending approval by PURA, the average residential Eversource electric customer using 700 kWh will see a 48% or $84.85 increase to their total bill. This increase does not apply to customers that receive energy supply from a third-party supplier. A customer’s total bill amount depends on their energy use, the type of rate they are on, and weather conditions.

The unprecedented increase is a result of record-high natural gas prices, primarily driven by the Russian and Ukraine conflict. This is especially impactful here in New England, where natural gas is used to generate much of the region’s electricity.

Programs to Help Customers

We recognize the financial burden this places on customers, who are already facing higher prices on everyday goods and services.

To help customers through this time, we offer programs to lessen the impact on their bill by helping better manage energy use and providing direct assistance to those in need. Customers are encouraged to:

  • Sign up for Home Energy SolutionsSM for on-the-spot energy improvements and personalized recommendations for your home.  Customers who heat with electricity are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this offer.
  • Take advantage of our Heating Cost Calculator to see how adjustments to your thermostat can help them save energy.
  • Enroll in Budget Billing to set up predictable monthly payments and even out bill spikes during heating and cooling seasons.
  • Compare rates offered by other electric suppliers and choose the option that works best for them.
  • Learn about special assistance programs to lower your monthly payments, forgive past due balances or spread payments out over time.

We encourage all customers to review our programs and ways to manage or get help with their bill at Eversource.com/winter-bill.