East Lyme Water Department Night Time Leak Detection

East Lyme Water Department has partnered with Upstate leak Detection to perform leak detection services throughout East Lyme. They will initially begin surveying the southern end of town below the I-95 corridor starting March 3rd and will be working in various areas in Town for about two weeks.  This work will be conducted late at night when there is much less water usage in the system and distribution mains are quiet. Residents may see a dark blue van with the Upstate Leak Detection logo (as shown above) in their neighborhood as they perform this work throughout the night. Please do not be alarmed if you happen to spot them, they are performing an important task for the Town.

Upstate Leak Detection works with both private and municipalities to discover and locate leaks that account for water loss in their systems. The benefits of a leak detection program are numerous, and include reduced costs for water treatment and pumping, increased personnel knowledge of distribution system, system condition and location of mains, decreased potential of property damage or injury, and conservation of water resources.

If you have any questions regarding this activity, please call the East Lyme Water Department at (860)-691-4104. Thank you for your cooperation as we work to improve your water system.