2021 Revaluation Project

The Town of East Lyme, CT has hired Vision Government Solutions Inc to complete its state-mandated revaluation program.  This state-mandated project requires periodic analysis of real estate market conditions to determine the fair market value of all real property within the Town.  The reassessment project will establish market value as of October 1st, 2021 and will be reflected in the tax bills issued in the summer of 2022.

01/25/2021 Data Collectors (Updated 02/24/2021):
The following data collectors will be working on data collection in the field:

  • Kevin Johnson
    • 2001 Ford Taurus (White) Plate RI PA957
  • Brandon Fromme
    • 2007 Mercury Sedan (Grey) Plate CT AX27898
  • Myles Permutter
    • 2007 Black Car RI Plate
  • Dave Mackie
    • 2015 Toyota Camry (Black) Plate RI ZS-195
  • Ryan Whiston
    • 2004 Toyota Rav4 (Green) Plate CT AG-05367
  • Kames Liebrich
    • 2011 Volkswagen Jetta (Grey) Plate RI HE-712
  • Ken Nadeau
    • 2007 Nissan Maxima (Grey)  Plate CT AT42975
    • OR
    • 2012 Cadillac SRX (Black) Plate CT NADEAU
  • Dave Boehm
    • 2016 Nissan Rogue (Grey)  Plate RI B468
  • Jeremy Ferreria
    • 2018 Hyundai Elantra (Blue) Plate RI KM784
  • Douglas Greene
    • 2011 Infiniti (Black) Plate CT AJ-17455
  • Steve Wolfe
    • 2006 Honda Civic (Blue) Plate AG 43988

12/21/2020 Field Work:
Field Work to begin in Old Black Point for the upcoming revaluation on January 4. The Vision Government employee will be driving a 2016 Grey Nissan Rogue with a Rhode Island plate and will have identification on him. His name is Dave Boehm. He will be measuring the exterior of the homes, starting in Old Black Point Rd.

11/06/2020 Project Initiation:
The 2021 Revaluation has begun with the mailing of Residential real estate data mailer forms from Vision, that summarizes the assessor’s current description of your property.  Please review the information carefully as your cooperation is essential to the success of this project. After reviewing the data mailer information, please indicate the necessary changes on the form and return to the Assessor’s office.  Please note it is still necessary to return the form even if there are not any changes.  Failure to return the form will trigger an inspection.

Additional information can be found on the 2021 Revaluation page.

Look for further updates as the revaluation process continues.